Publication Policy  
Volume 6* Number 2* December 2010
Can Innovativeness be Impacted by Interpersonal Influences and Do Cultural Dimensions Play a Moderating Role? An Investigation in the Turkish Context
The Influence of E-Word-Of-Mouth on the Consumer’s Purchase Decision: a Case of Body Care Products
Relations of Internal and External Malaysian Hotel Clients’ Satisfaction
Are the Chinese Really More Risk Averse? A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Risk-Return Relationship
The Impact of Oil Price Changes and Stock Market on U.S Real GDP Growth: Error Correction Model Approach
A Comparative Study of Consumer Decision-Making Styles in Leisure Farm with Different Tourists’ Backgrounds
An Empirical Examination of Financial Literacy Message Theme Effectiveness among College Students: Debt or Saving?
A Study of Visitors’ Recreational Experience Types in Relationship to Customer Retention in Leisure Farm
Filing for Bankruptcy Protection, Governance Mechanisms and Corporate Disclosure
Moderating Influence of Perceived Risk on Relationships between Extrinsic Cues and Behavioral Intentions
Innovation: Opportunities for Industrialized and Other Countries
A Study of Taiwan’S Export Competitiveness Based on the CMS Model
The Perceived Impact of Supplier-Manufacturer Relationshipsand Supplier Management Strategy (The Lean Approach) on Outsourcing Success
Strategic Implications from Complexity Science Perspective
Determinants of Women's College Basketball Profit
The Effects of Financial License on Job Performance
Career Development Interventions Implemented by Secondary School Counsellors in Malaysia
The Relationship between Leisure Activity Involvement and Place Attachment in Taiwan Indigenous Cultural Park—Experience as a Moderator
The Transformation of Firm Profitability Patterns: Changes in the Inter-Country and Inter-Industry Performance Variances After the WTO
Job Satisfaction Among Executives: Case of Japanese Electrical And Electronic Manufacturing Companies, Malaysia
Technological Forecasting: A Strategic Imperative
The Investment Behavior, Decision Factors and Their Effects Toward Investment Performance in the Taiwan Stock Market
Why Business Leaders Are Profit Motivated Rather than Socially Motivated: The Role of Business Education
Balancing the Stress of International Business Travel Successfully: The Impact of Work-Family Conflict and Personal Stress
Political Blogging and Social Media
Making the In-group: The Application of Political Skill to LMX by New Employees in Reputation Development
Leadership Roles in Community Development in Malaysia
The Determinants of Box Office Revenue for Horror Movies
Teaching Aboriginal Students in Post Brooke Primary School, Gua Musang District , Malaysia
The Impact of Perceived Value on Behavior Intention: An Empirical Study
The Market Share Effect: New Insights from Canadian Data
1031 Exchanges: Tax Deferral Options, Compounding Returns, and the Creation of Wealth Through Real Estate Investments
Market Orientation as a Strategic Driver of Individual Customer Orientation
The Welfare State and the Market Economy: Which Way Ahead?
The Numbers Game: the Mistake of Replacing High-Valued Goals with Measurable Goals
Fit Perceptions, Core Self-Evaluation and Career Success of People with Disabilities
A Study of the Influence of Paternalistic Leadership and Subordinate-Supervisor Relationship on Working Morale
The Empirical Study of Business Strategy of Manufacturing Firms in Malaysia
Stress Management Among Administrators and senior Teachers of Private Islamic School
A Fetish of the Freedom of the Press? The Terminator v. the Paparazzi